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For over a decade, Gagan Palace has been offering an exciting spectrum of culinary experiences with a richly varied menu of fresh natural ingredients, wholesome sauces, and flavorful spices. With over 20 years of expertise by the owner/head chef Jeevan, we bring the true authenticity of India to your plate. Indian cuisine is known for its cultural grace and poised use of a variety of spices and herbs. Gagan palace offers North and South Indian specialties. We use only the finest products in our vegetarian, poultry, meat, and seafood dishes to enhance the flavor of an entrée and create a savoring aroma. All of our food is natural and freshly cooked to infuse guests in order to give individuality to each and every entrée.

Our Savory Daily Grand Buffet Explores Dishes from North to South India Including Appitizers, Dosa's, Kati Roll, Sandwiches, Idly, Soups, Salads, Chaats, BBQ, and desserts. You Can Always Find Something you Like From our Enormours Buffet Selection. 


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